Brussels March 2019

Our week in Brussels

We landed in Brussels on Sunday evening, on the 17th of March. We then went to our hostel
and shared a dinner composed of all the specialities from our respective countries.
The Spanish ham was much appreciated, as well as the Slovak korbace (traditional Slovak
cheese) and the French crêpes (very thin and sweet pancakes).
On Monday morning, we left the hostel to go on a city tour, on foot, with a guide.
We visited LaGrand Place (the big square), which is surrounded by beautiful Gothic

We then walked through gardens in the city and saw Le Palais du Roi (The palace of the King), as well as the Jeanneke-pis and the Manneken-pis, two emblematic statues of the city.

Bratislava October 2018

Our stay in Bratislava began on Sunday at 12:00 when the Spanish and French students arrived.
We discovered the old city centre in the afternoon. We began the visit at Bratislava Castle and we
then walked through the historic town. We saw st. Martin's Cathedral, Old City Hall, Michalská gate,
SND old building and Hviezdoslav square. After the walk we had a drink at a café called Urban House.
For dinner we went to the Slovak Pub and had some typical food there.
On Monday the Slovak students presented their school to the newcomers. Then we all started working
by observing classes in Gymnázium Matky Alexie. In the afternoon we began working on Excel to
analyse the data we had collected. We ended our day by going shopping in Eurovea. And we had
burgers at the restaurant (BeAbout).

On Tuesday we conducted interviews and analysed questionnaires in the morning, before visiting
Devín Castle and having dinner in Zlatý Bažant, in the city centre.
We carried on our journey by going to Vienna on …

Madrid March 2018

Colegio Asuncion Vallecas organised this mobility.
When The Slovak and French arrived, we went on our first visit of the city of Madrid: El Parque del Retiro.

Each morning, the Spanish members of the project greeted the Slovak and French with a presentation of the events of the day.

The first day, the Spanish students showed them around their school.

Each morning was dedicated to the observation of foreign language classes (with an observation grid), interviews with students and foreign language teachers. Students were also trained to go through the interviews and surveys.
We then entered all of the data collected in France and in Spain on computers, and began to determine the criteria of analysis in groups of three students (one from each country).

Each afternoon we went on cultural visits prepared by the Spanish students.

Lyon December 2017

Sunday and Monday
We arrived in Lyon on Sunday. We had dinner all together (Spanish, Slovak and French people). It was the first time we met and it was really interesting but nobody was brave enoughto taste the “quenelle” (a local speciality: a sort of dumpling)...

On Monday morning we came to school where the French students showed us around and the Spanish students presented their country and the city of Madrid.

Then we had three language classes in the different groups. In this school English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Chinese are taught. We had to observe the classes and to fill in the observation grid. It was not so easy to observe the classes of foreign languages we don’t speak or study. We enjoyed the English lessons the most because we understood them best. This school system is similar to ours. We also visited a kindergarten, and it was amazing because all the children understood a lot of foreign languages and the teacher was very funny. It was a bilingual school.

In t…

Our Erasmus + Project

Learning a living language, a necessary step in becoming a future European actor

Who are we?

The group is composed of 18 and 6 teachers: 6 students in 10th grade and two teachers from
each of the three schools participating in the project.

What is our project?

A 2 year commitmentA collaboration between 3 schools in 3 different countriesA European project

Who is working on this project?
Colegio Asunción-Vallecas- Madrid
Gymnázium Matky Alexie -Bratislava

Lycée Assomption Bellevue

What are our objectives ?

Creating a video to present the results of our researchMaking mobility a major assetPresenting languages differentlyDiscovering new culturesLearning to carry out a survey and study the resultsDiscovering a new aspect of languagesGiving more meaning to the use of languages